Yoga is transmitted from one person to another person, we can only teach what we have integrated, filtered, and practiced on ourselves.

My main influences

– My first teacher, Gérard Dartois, a supporter of slow, feeling based Yoga postures with a strong spiritual and meditative part (Swami Prajnanpad, Arnaud Desjardins)

– The dynamic Yoga Ashtanga and Vinyasa systems that I have been practicing for a dozen years, and i particular the teachings of Pascale Autret (Ashtanga), Trupteesh Nagaraj Hurikadale and Stephanie Viu-Kessler

– More modern, Western Yoga practices that satisfy my curiosity about Yoga as a tool for body and mind care: Bernadette de Gasquet, Lionel Coudron and Corinne Miéville