Surf & Yoga – The spirit

My previous article  was about the complementarity of Yoga and Surfing, and how a regular practice of Yoga postures (Asanas) can help us balance our body and surf better, longer in our life. I should also mention the positive aspects of Surfing on the body: paddling works the cardiovascular system in different intensities by strongly soliciting the upper body muscles (back, shoulders, arms). When the waves are worth it, it is really easy to push ourselves to fatigue or even muscular failure (noodle arms). And as every sportsman knows, when the body gets a good workout, the mind feels good as well, thank you endorphins and dopamine!

But the main benefits of Surfing reside on another, more spiritual plane. I am aware that the Body-Mind dualism à la Descartes is rather awkward to deal with such a subject, but well I guess my French education left its mark …. In this article I will evoke the deep nature of the links between Yoga and Surfing, and how the two practices can nourish each other. Continue reading “Surf & Yoga – The spirit”