My Yoga is Punk

I continue to explore what transcends me, connecting the dots, and carrying on my journey on the path progressively taking shape in front of me. After Yoga and Surfing, I am now digging Punk Rock’s groove.

To be read listening to this playlist, maximum volume recommended

Although under torture I sometimes admit to listen to some other kinds of music, I am deeply in love with Punk Rock since I was 15 years old. UK Punk, French Punk, US Hardcore, Post Punk, Noise, Grunge, Indie / Alternative Rock, Surf & Skate Punk Rock, Garage, .., all these forms originating from the same simple and effective concept: the expression of youth frustration (young white male, most of the time), showcased with a lot of noise on a three chords musical alibi.

Now, how can I explain that in many ways, Punk Rock reminds me of Yoga? It is true that at first glance, they are pretty much opposite in all aspects :

Noise / Silence
Calm / Fury
Interiority / Show
Attention to self / Self destruction Continue reading “My Yoga is Punk”